About us

Segs Segway Tours was founded in April 2014 by Uffe and Itay, who are both born and bred in Elsinore. The local boys from Elsinore thought the city had much more to offer then what could be seen by walking through. The public should have the possibility to see Elsinore from another angle – they should see it from a Segway!

Today Segs Segway Tours offers several guided tours around Elsinore, Kronborg and in the surrounding nature. Our guides are always vigorous, friendly and passionate about their job.

Elsinore is a city which is hundreds of years old. The old castle Kronborg is almost as old. That means that both the city and castle has many secret stories to tell. We have worked hard to find rare and fascinating tales that only a few people know, to give our customers a real experience when visiting.

Despite being a relatively new company, Segs Seqway Tours has already gotten a certificate of excellence in TripAdvisor, which we are very proud of. We work day and night to make Segs Segway Tours even better, giving each of our tour participants a remarkable experience, each time.