What is a Segway?

A Segway is an electric two-wheel vehicle. It is almost silent and extremely energy efficient. The Segway has an integrated computer system, GPS tracking, balance indicator, gyroscopes, speedometer, and much more. The Segway works by your body movements: It runs forward when you lean forward and it brakes when you lean back. It turns left or right when you lean in either direction. You simply control the Segway with your own body movements.

Can anyone ride a Segway?

Almost anyone can ride a Segway. It only takes a few minutes to get familiar with the Segway. You will get a thorough instruction by the guide. The Segway is approved, as a bicycle by the Danish Public Transportation Authority and only exceptions from this is that a person must be at least 16 years of age and wear a helmet. SEGS does not accept people who are under the influence of alcohol or drugs. For safety reasons, pregnant women are not permitted to ride on the Segway.

Minimum body weight is 45 kg and maximum is 115 kg, these limits are due to safety reasons and made by the factory.

Where does the tour starts and ends?

The tour both starts and ends at Segs’ office (see map). Meeting time no less than 15 minutes before the tour starts.


Segs ApS is insured against 3rd party. In case of damage against other persons or their belongings you are covered by this insurance. Segs ApS recommend all our clients to have an insurance that covers themselves. Driving a Segway with Segs ApS is 100% on your own responsibility and Segs ApS cannot be held responsible for any damage you may harm to yourself or your belongings.

Is it possible to rent a Segway without a guide?

No, it is not possible to rent a Segway without a guide.